Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Incite Insight" Some of the process

Some pictures of our meetings and discussions

Design inspirations


Paula and James refining a design

Paula's test glazes

"Has anyone completed a piece?"
Lee has nerves of Steel

We are saved by James

Daryl Richardson, Lee Baker, Paula Cooley, Ken Wilkinson, James S. Korpan, M. Craig Campbell

Les Potter, Lee Baker, Daryl Richardson

"Incite Insight" in the Summer

For a summer break from our studio we met for two days in the summer of 2012 at Daryl's Pike Lake cabin. The only rule we had was the materials had to be found on the property. We cheated a bit, by pruning some willows from a friends property, with permission of course. It was the hottest two days of summer, but a wonderful time. Unfortunately James wasn't able to be with us.

"Incite Insight" in the beginning

Two years ago we decided we apply for a group show at the Saskatchewan Craft Council's Affinity Gallery. Not sure what we were going to do but wanted to do move our work in new directions. We started to brain storm at our 330 Ave G South Studio, and at our individual studios. These are some pictures from that time.

 Daryl and Paula at the 330

An Idea takes shape

 James, Daryl, Paula and Ken

 Lee and James at Craig's Studio

Paula's work at Craig's Studio