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Welcome to the 330 Design Group

330 Design Group

The 330 Design Group began to gather informally in coffee shops during the summer of 2008. The idea was to pool and share our knowledge and skill toward making better three dimensional art. The focus would be on design. The members all have a good grasp on the technical aspects of their medium and wanted to more deeply understand why some pieces work better than others. This was accomplished through extensive critique sessions: critiquing ideas, drawings, elements, maquettes and finished work. This process results in not only better art but has also birthed wonderful collaborative pieces and deepened friendships.

With our rented space in the lower level of 330 Avenue G South, we found our name and a twice annual gallery space to showcase our work to friends and colleagues. Because our work studios are laden with heavy equipment, dust, smoke and heat, the Design Studio affords an always-ready space to gather over coffee or wine, conversation and debate. It also provides a quiet haven for solo research via books, music, drawing and often 3D experimentation with paper, wire, plasticine, Styrofoam and other tangible materials.

The Design Group continues to evolve its membership, methods and outcomes and they also continue to grow wonderful friendships and camaraderie.

Our Members

M. Craig Campbell

This is what my wife says about me. “You create because you have to create. You like the feel of metal, you like the potential in metal. You like simplicity in your designs because the metal itself has something to say. You like having a lot of tools and a studio to spend time in. You like the noise, the smells, the fire, and the weight of what you do. You like to open the doors and let people wander in. You like to talk about what you do. You never tire of telling people about the material, techniques, joinery and finishes. You like to teach. You want to learn.”
Paula Cooley

Paula Cooley is a full-time clay artist, working and living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Born and raised in southern Ontario, Paula moved to the Prairies in 1989 where she was introduced to clay.  Fascinated by clay’s endless possibilities, she proceeded to complete her Diploma in Ceramics at SIAST (Woodland Campus, P.A.) and then her B.F.A at the University of Saskatchewan.  Paula works with a wide variety of clays, surfaces and firing techniques to produce both functional pottery and one-of-a-kind ceramic sculpture.  Inspired by the natural world Paula’s work is continually evolving as she explores new forms and surfaces.

Paula’s ceramic work has regularly been juried into Dimensions, the Saskatchewan Craft Council’s annual exhibition of the very best fine craft produced in Saskatchewan.   She has pieces in the permanent collections of the Saskatchewan Arts Board, the Art Gallery of Prince Albert and the Town of Battleford and has been juried into several national exhibitions. Paula holds Marketing Status with the Saskatchewan Craft Council and sells her work through juried craft markets as well as retail stores.  To see more of Paula’s work please visit her website,
 James S. Korpan

James S. Korpan is a Saskatchewan born artist / sculptor who is in his fifth decade of breathing life into each and every bird, fish, or animal that he creates from the found, recycled and manipulated steel or bronze that inspires him. His work is contemplative. Each piece is unique, individually crafted and bears its own personality and soul. Korpan is a sculptor of international repute. His work may be found in most Canadian provinces and six American states. Recently three of his welded steel sculptures were commissioned by the Municipal District of Navidad in Chile.

Daryl Richardson 

Daryl, a resident of Saskatoon, has worked in many areas of craft throughout his career. His primary medium is forged metal, but is comfortable working with any material that allows his ideas to come to fruition.

Paul Daniel Siemens 

Paul Daniel known as PD, is a recent graduate of the U of S BFA program. The newest member of the design group his preferred medium is print making. Paul Daniel's background and world travels bring an exciting new aspect to the group

Ken Wilkinson

Ken Wilkinson as been a potter and ceramics artist for in Saskatchewan for over 30 years. He is known one of the province's best "throwers" with exquisite bowls, tea pots and goblets. Ken also does larger work such as ceramic tables and pedestals. 

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